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Nutritional Consulting

Nutritional Counseling

Always happy to talk about nutrition.

Nutritional consulting is just another part of what we do at Pulse Chiropractic and Wellness. People generally think of chiropractic care involving manual or tool-assisted adjustments of the neck, back, and spine. We do all of this but our approach goes well beyond that. Dr. Pulse works with patients to develop personal nutritional programs. 

Patients often come to us for treatment of chronic or acute pain in one area, and the treatment plan we develop for them addresses that while taking into account many other factors. Our bodies are complex and how, when, and what we eat is just as critical to our overall wellness as physical exercise.

Nutrition should be a major consideration and not an afterthought. Our lives are busy and we’re more consumed than ever with work, technology, and other things that take our attention away from eating a well-balanced diet on a regular schedule. There are plenty of things we can do to help ourselves make sure we’re getting proper nutrition.

If you explore Dr. Katherine’s Corner or sign up for our newsletter, you will discover a world of content dedicated to nutrition, meditation, exercise, and more, all designed to help our patients (and others) achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes we can’t take in all of our nutritional needs through diet alone, which is why we also offer nutritional supplements on our Shop page. 

In some cases, Spectracell blood analysis can be utilized to aid in identifying nutritional needs.