Pulse Chiropractic and Wellness of Houston

Dr. Pulse’s Approach to Chiropractic Care and Wellness

Dr. Pulse’s approach to chiropractic care and wellness is more than just a solution for back pain, it’s about focusing on each patient’s wellness to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Katherine Pulse Chiropractic Care and Wellness

Some chiropractors adjust your spine. We adjust how you approach your well-being. Dr. Katherine Pulse is a very well-established chiropractor. Most noteworthy, she is also a compassionate human being whose been through a traumatic injury, herself, and she leads with empathy. Our approach is a comprehensive one, combining a variety of disciplines and therapies. Using her hands, Graston tools, electrical impulse stimulation, acupuncture, nutritional consultation, and more, she is able to improve mobility, reduce inflammation, increase healing time, and get patients on a path to strength, independence, and overall wellness.

Not just another chiropractic provider.

When it comes to chiropractic care and wellness, there are a lot of choices available. We can’t provide care to everyone and, even if we could, we wouldn’t want to. Our focus is on quality of care and not quantity, meaning we can only see so many patients each day. If you’re looking for personalized care and attention to your specific situation, there’s a good chance we are the chiropractic care provider for you. Read about all our services and schedule an appointment and we can hopefully create a treatment program that’s right for your unique situation.  We are conveniently located in Harris County on the first floor of  Piney Point Offices.

First, we listen. Then we diagnose. Then we treat.

Finding the root cause of pain is vital to treatment, so listening to our patients may be the most important thing we can do. If you’re a new patient and you visit our new patient page please download the New Patient Form. We ask you a number of questions designed to give us the most insight into your unique situation. This is helpful for all of us. The more information we have upfront, the more accurately we can diagnose and the more quickly we’ll be able to develop the appropriate treatment plan for you. Finally, Dr. Pulse’s approach to chiropractic and wellness care is more than just a solution for back pain, it’s about focusing on each patient’s wellness to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Conditions We Address

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Leg pain and sciatica
  • Knee, ankle, and foot pain
  • Shoulder, arm, wrist, and elbow pain
  • Arthritis and bursitis
  • TMJ disorder
  • And more