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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping

Behold the power of tape.

Kinesio taping is therapeutic taping that adds support and stability to the muscle and joints without compromising the range of motion. Tape can be worn for days to extend the therapeutic effect.

Kinesio taping (KT) is a therapeutic tool and has become increasingly popular within the sporting arena. Taping has been used for a long time for the prevention and treatment of sporting injuries. KT is not only used for sporting injuries but for a variety of other conditions. It was developed by Japanaese Chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase in the 1970s with the intention to alleviate pain and improve the healing in soft tissues. There are many proposed benefits to KT, including proprioceptive facilitation, reduced muscle fatigue, muscle facilitation, reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness, pain inhibition, enhanced healing, such as reducing edema, and improvement of lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

According to the Kinesio Tape site, the tape works by microscopically lifting the skin, alleviating discomfort and facilitating lymphatic drainage. Strips of tape may be administered in “I,” “X,” or “Y” patterns or more intricate formations. Tape can run along a muscle’s contour, with the striations, or it can be applied across the muscle. There are hundred of different ways to apply Kinesio tape, dependent upon the type and severity of injury that is being treated.