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Graston Release Technique

Graston Release Technique Pulse Chiropractic Pineypoint Houston

What are the Benefits of the Graston Release Technique?

The Graston Release Technique has been found to provide patients with faster and improved results, but it also provides patients with the opportunity to be more active in their treatment, because they can feel it work on abnormal tissue texture.

Combined with Doctor Pulse’s recommended exercise, the Graston Release Technique helps break up scar tissue or muscle “knots,” which increases the range of motion of joints, helps to speed up the healing process, helps to reduce pain, and increases the overall strength of muscle fibers.

Graston Release Technique Tools of the trade.

Graston Release Technique tools are specially-designed stainless steel instruments used to specifically detect and treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation by applying pressure.

Graston involves using curved metal tools to apply pressure and friction across the injured muscle, fascia, or tendon, through a rubbing or scraping motion, in an attempt to address chronic, acute, and post-surgical soft tissue conditions.

Graston Release Technique is designed to speed the healing process and is often employed by runners, who are prone to soft tissue injuries.

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