What are the Three Most Common Myths About Disc Herniation

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Pulse Chiropractic and Wellness is here to help you engage in the best way to resolve your back problem. With proper management, though conservative care, spinal disc heal and help just like any other tissue in the body. Listed below are the three most common myths about disc herniation.

Myth #1

Disc Slip Out of Place:
It is nearly impossible for a disc to “slip” out of place. Discs are firmly attached by ligaments and a thick outer layer called the annulus fibrosis that attaches to the vertebrae above and below.

Disc Herniate – They Don’t Slip:
The most common types of disc herniations are degeneration and protrusion. The more severe disc herniations are extrusion and sequestration.

Myth #2

MRI and Imaging will Show the Cause of My Back Pain:
Research does not agree with this statement. Advances in MRI imaging has enabled clinicians to identify minute changes in disc structure. However, just because the MRI showed disc injury doesn’t even mean that the injury is even the cause of your pain. A recent study revealed that most people have disc degeneration, disc bulging, or disc protrusion without pain, with the disc abnormality increasing with age.

Myth #3

Surgery is the Best and Only Option:
A study published by PubMed – NCBI 2016 revealed that spontaneous regression of disc injury can occur, and showed that disc injury can completely resolve with conservative care. Spontaneous regression occurs at a rate of 96% for disc sequestration, 70% for disc extrusion, 41% for disc protrusion and 13% for disc bulging. Complete resolution occurred in 43% of sequestered discs and 15% for extruded discs. Disc degeneration and bulging is a normal part of aging and should not be feared.

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