Feeling Back Pain? Here’s Why Cracking Backs Isn’t Enough

Pulse Chiropractic on back pain

A majority of chiropractic patients think that their spine simply needs a one-time, quick-fix adjustment, or ‘back-cracking’, to feel normal again. However, that approach to back pain management is like a band-aid, providing only temporary relief.

The real problem behind the symptom of back pain lies beneath the surface, and it requires a more holistic approach in order to target the source of pain. Patients seeking spinal adjustment will only alleviate the problem in the short-term. Without looking at other factors like nutrition, mental health, stress levels, and daily habits, the patient will be back for a ‘cracking’ in no time.

As a chiropractor that includes wellness in treating patients, our goal at Pulse Chiropractic and Wellness is not to just fix it once, but to guide and educate patients towards taking care of their bodies for the long-term.

Can you just crack my back to make the pain go away?

Sure can, but many times this is only a temporary fix to a deeper-rooted problem. To manage pain at its source, a proper diagnosis is imperative before and during treatment. There are a plethora of root causes for spinal discomfort or joint pain, so the chiropractic care plan must vary accordingly.

There are two main sources of musculoskeletal discomfort: mechanical and inflammatory issues. Though their symptoms can be very similar, the approach to fixing the problem differs greatly.

Mechanical issues result from either misuse or overuse of spinal joints, discs, vertebrae, and soft tissues. Discomfort could arise due to bad posture, too much screen-time at work, and overworked muscle groups. Resting and relaxing helps to ease symptoms, while exercise may worsen the issue or lead to further injury. Symptoms can appear at any age, and usually are exacerbated by acute stressors in the environment.

Inflammatory issues are usually caused by an underlying autoimmune condition, with symptoms often first occurring at an early age. Because of the nature of autoimmune conditions, skeletal stiffness and joint discomfort are always chronic and recurring – so, it requires ongoing management, possibly medication , and hands-on personal health maintenance.

How Long Will It Take Until I Stop Hurting?

In general, it depends on what is really causing the problem. With chiropractic treatment, some problems are resolved in a short time span of 1-3 weeks; other, more complicated cases require an extended period of 2-3 months. No matter the issue, I always recommend a comprehensive treatment plan that will eliminate problems in the shortest time frame possible.

Why can’t I just rely on pain medicine or steroid shots for back pain?

In the short-term, there is a place and role for medicine; however, every drug can produce negative side effects that might disrupt bodily order elsewhere. For example, cortisone shots can possibly lead to more complications to deal with – joint infection, tendon weakening, nerve damage, or even osteonecrosis (death of nearby bone).

Most patients enjoy a higher quality of life over time if they manage chronic pain through conservative lifestyle measures. This might include periodic chiropractic treatment, nutritional maintenance, sleep hygiene, fixing improper body postures, and mobilizing the trouble areas with low-impact exercise.

Key Takeaway

Over time, your entire body system will be healthier and stronger if you use non-invasive, therapeutic measures to resolve the various pains you have. The goal of chiropractic care is to help your body help itself. As a chiropractor, I aim to counteract pain by looking at each component of the body and then utilize preventative care techniques to create balance, physical health, and overall well-being.

No matter what skeletal pain patients are experiencing, the long-term answer will require making some holistic changes in your daily life, in order to prevent issues and preserve your body’s health. Just getting a quick spinal readjustment is a good starting point, but it will not fix the root causes that created the misalignment in the first place.

Regardless of the cause of your pain, it is critically important to obtain a proper diagnosis and implement a treatment regimen that addresses the root causes. Dr. Pulse may be able to figure out what’s really going on beneath the discomfort you’re experiencing.

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